DC217 an interest group for computer security topics

None of us is smarter than all of us.

Our next meeting will be from 3:00 to 5:30 on Saturday 3/17 back in the Urbana library. This month we start off at 3pm. As always the format has adjusted a little in response to what worked last month.

This Months Presentations

Mining Personal Data: Buscador

In this part of the her Mining personal data talk, Squiddy (Twitter:@VM_Deus)will cover the use of Buscador, and will be given by Squiddy!Buscador is a Linux VM specifically developed and pre-configured for online investigators.We will learn how to set up Buscador and prepare it for recon, we go over and demo the use of various tools such as Maltego, Recon-Ng, Spiderfoot, Metagoofil, TheHarvester, Sublist3r, Creepy, and other tools such as Drizzy.s Dox Tool.

Mini-workshop: Back to basics. Using scanners to find stuff in networks

We will have a workshp and show how to use Nmap and other scanning tools to enumerate a webserver. (Note this will be on a closed system not connected to the Interweb.

Breakout Sessions After the talks conclude we will do "bring us your computer problems" and break into groups. Any questions or typo's please send email to info at dc217.org.
See everyone Saturday!