DC217 an interest group for computer security topics

None of us is smarter than all of us.

Our next meeting will be from 3:15 to 5:30 on the Saturday December 16 at the Urbana Library. This month we are in our regular room at the library. This larger room will allow us for more space for breakout sessions after the main presentations. As always the format has adjusted in response to what worked last month.

This Months Presentations

Fun with Wireshark

Ever wonder what information mobile apps send off to the company who made it? How many different places does it go? How frequently? Is it protected from prying eyes? It turns out, with the right tools, you can find out! This presentation will show you how to find the answers to most of those questions. We'll take a look at how to use Wireshark, what we can see, and what we can't see (due to encryption). This talk will have a live demo and encourages audience participation.

Student privacy at UIUC
UIUC maintains a student & faculty directory full of all sorts of fun personal information. It's awfully open to the public, so we'll talk about the problems that arise from poor management of personal information, and how to report these kinds of problems if you find them.

Breakout Sessions After the talks conclude we will do "bring us your computer problems" and break into groups. Any questions or typo's please send email to info at dc217.org.
See everyone Saturday!